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16 September 2010 @ 02:54 pm
Artist: otterandterrier 
Title: Da mi basia mille
Characters: Jamie and Claire
Rating:  G
Media used: Photoshop
Warnings:  None
Notes/comments: My second Outlander manipulation, which I wasn't planning on making so soon! This is the scene when Claire is supposed to get through the standing stones in book 1. I haven't read yet the scene when she actually leaves and the world ends, in Dragonfly in amber, I know it will shatter me. So I have no idea whether this manip would be the same for that part, but I guess no. In any case, it's very emotional.
I haven't reached the part of the "da mi basia mille" either, but I've read it somewhere and.... just awww.
Hope you like it, reviews are welcome! :D

Da mi basia mille by ~OtterAndTerrier on deviantART

Please check it full-sized, as well as stock used and extra notes here.
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Artist: otterandterrier 
Title: Let us love and never fear
Characters: Jamie and Claire
Rating:  G
Media used: Photoshop
Warnings:  None
Notes/comments: Hi! *awkwardly peeps in* This is my first post here, and I don't know if photomanipulation counts as 'art', although I put a lot of love, sweat and work into this, but I wanted to share my very first Outlander fanart depicting Claire and Jamie ^-^ I swear, they've taken my soul away. Last week I finished my experience with the first book. It was simply amazing.
Please let me know what do you think of this!

The quote in the title is from the poem "Out of Catullus" by Richard Crashaw, a fragment of which is in the book and one of the loveliest things I've ever read. I'd have rather entitled this as "And lose ourselves in wild delight", because it suits them better, but it was too long.
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I have a new fanart about Outlander posted at my journal.
I would be glad if you could take a look.
And, of course, comments are always welcome!:)

Title: "I will go bounding to thee with gifts"
Artist: lillywmw
Rating: PG
Medium: drawing made at an A4 size Canson paper with gouache, dry watercolor pencils and pastel sticks. No Photoshop used.
Characters: Jamie and Claire

Link for the fanart: Outlander - I will go bounding to thee with gifts
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20 March 2010 @ 09:39 am
Hello fellow Outlander fans!

Just posting to let you know that some wonderful person has created an Outlander fanart group on DeviantArt.

It is here if anyone wants to join :)
05 September 2009 @ 10:07 pm
Today I saw Diana speak at the Decatur book festival and got the picture I drew of Jamie and the picture lillywmw drew of Jamie and Claire signed. Her people were rushing her (an us!) by the end because she had to go to dragon con too. But she did say that she liked the drawings :) I was so star struck tho that I barely remember!
SUCH AN AWESOME DAY! She read a hot and funny part from the new book, we got to see some of the graphic Novel (I am DYING for this to come out NOW!!!). It was so amazing!! I also got to hang out with fellow Jamie (and Ron) lover wanderhomeagain . GREAT TIMES were had by al!!

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22 July 2009 @ 01:13 am
A new community has been formed to discuss all things 'Outlander' related, called tartan_sauce ! We often find ourselves chatting about the characters and events from the book and thought it would be more fun with more people! So come and join us for what we hope will be a lively and entertaining forum.

Don't worry this is not some posh book club - just friends chatting. There are no limits to the topics we can discuss - be it serious or sexy, funny or fluff! Let's have an in depth discussion of Claire's actions or maybe we can just talk about our favorite naughty bits, you never know what will come up. Come on over and join us at the Gathering at tartan_sauce !

05 July 2009 @ 08:58 pm

Title: Young Jamie
Artist: redheadsarehot
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: very low hanging kilt ;)
Summary/Notes: this was drawn for my good friend spidergirl30 's birthday ;)

Preview pic:

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03 July 2009 @ 06:29 pm
My first fanart for my new love, of "Outlander" series books by Diana Gabaldon.
I hope you could take a look. And of course, comments are welcome. 

Title: Outlander: A Marriage takes place
Author: lillywmw
Rating: G
Medium: gouache and watercolor pencils in a A4 size 180gr Canson paper. NO Photoshop.
Characters: Jamie and Claire
Notes: scene from chapter 14 of "Outlander" book

Click Here to see the fanart and read the chapter
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15 May 2009 @ 01:51 am
Artist: redheadsarehot
Title: Distraction
Characters: Jamie and Claire
Rating: G
Media used: Wacom and Photoshop
Warnings: I fail at backgrounds!
Notes/comments: Inspired by a snippet from Outlander chapter 16. THANK YOU for all the help, mugglemama :)
I'm still trying to figure out how to draw Jamie....Collapse )</div>
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